How to access to our Services

Cosy For You – Tour Per Tutti offers to the tourist various itineraries elaborated according to the types and needs of the tourist. Each itinerary is tested in order to be usable according to the psycho-physical possibilities of each one and in particular for tourists with special needs.

Here you can find all kind of information about basic itineraries useful to let the tourist know the most fascinating places of the city of Naples and its surroundings.

It is necessary to REGISTER to access in all areas of the website.

Only after registration the tourist will receive confirmation of access to the RESERVED AREA and will be able to consult the entire database available.

Using the search engine in the Home Page you can choose a pre-packaged offer or you can build your own holiday by selecting your favorite guided tours.

The range of itineraries available in the Campania region and Naples is very big and includes over 70 tours, which start from half a day up to 15 days. Detailed and precise information about the various standard and additional services are available and it is possible to directly contact an operator to solve any doubt, so that the tourist will be able to product perfectly suited to their requests. Further information are provided about the reception parameters and the degree of hospitality of the places where the itineraries are organized.

After booking, you can view photos of the facilities, services and equipment included in the offer and a map of the tour identified.

To ensure the maximum customer satisfaction and to overcome some of the critical infrastructures of the territory, Cosy For You – Tour Per Tutti provides the constant use of an adapted minivan, always available even for very small trips. Furthermore, every possible type of accompaniment and / or additional equipment is provided to satisfy the most extravagant and luxurious desires (available in the Services section).

Where individual local facilities and / or services are not yet organized at satisfactory quality levels, we offer assistance and security personnel, assistive persons, accompanying personnel, both specialist and voluntary.

All the staff is formed consistently with our mission and is able to meet all the technical and relational needs of the tour participants. Our operators are caring and are attentive to details from the first contact listening to the request.

The thematic routes are alternative, innovative and designed to stimulate curiosity and interest in the local cultural and natural heritage, combining unconventional points of view beyond the fascinating traditional proposals.

In the case of large groups or family or friend groups, tourists may choose to adapt to the needs of their “weaker” members by following the same paths or differentiated paths. In this regard, the Cosy For You – Tour Per Tutti guarantees that the service is always designed so that, even if people travel in large groups, no one will feel excluded from any activity.

Everyone must be able to fully enjoy the beauty of the area, its history and the large number of cultural and artistic sites on offer.