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Support our projects for the promotion of social inclusion and the culture of accessibility (see section Become a Social Shareholder): to allocate 5×1000 to Cosy For You – Tour Per Tutti just write CF 077574112015 in the space provided for your model of tax return (CUD, 730, UNICO) and sign on.

It is a free choice, not opposed to 8×1000.


You can choose to contribute directly to support the initiatives we promote in the area! If you want to donate, you can make a bank transfer to IBAN IT35 T051 4203 4031 6857 1158 660.

The donations will finance the intervention that you have most dear to the project Become a Social Shareholder!

Cosy For You – Tour Per Tutti is an ONLUS therefore the donations in our favor are deductible (it is necessary to use traceable instruments for the payment and keep the relative attestation of donation).

If you are a person (subject to personal income tax – IRPEF) you can deduct donations in favor of non-profit organizations up to the limit of 10% of the total income declared and in any case to the maximum amount of € 70,000 in a year OR deduct from the gross tax an amount equal to 26% of the cash donations made to the ONLUS for an amount not exceeding € 30,000 (new limit from the 2015 tax period).

If you are a company (or an entity subject to corporate income tax – IRES) you can deduct in the tax return the donations in favor of Cosy For You – Tour Per Tutti up to the limit of 10% of income total declared, net of the donation itself, and in any case to the maximum amount of € 70,000 OR deduct the donations in the income tax return (donations) in favor of Cosy For You – Tour Per Tutti for an amount equal to the maximum amount between € 30,000 (new limit from the 2015 tax period) and 2% of the declared business income.

Donation in work hours: The “expenses related to the employment of employees, hired on permanent contracts, used for services provided in favor of ONLUS within the limit of five per thousand of the total amount of expenses for employment services (that is labor costs), as they result from the tax return “.


Thanks to the social loan, members can invest their capital in a safe and transparent way, contributing to the realization of socially useful projects and obtaining higher rates than the traditional investment instruments.