Cosy For You – Tour Per Tutti promotes the quality of Accessible Tourism at an entrepreneurial level.

At the same time Cosy For You operates on the territory with social promotion actions that sensitise the community on the issues of social inclusion of disabled people, the culture of diversity and accessibility, with the realization of projects involving citizens of all age groups, from the smallest to the adults.

Cultural activities, guided tours, participation in events and events represent moments of great involvement in which disabled people can interact with others in an equal way.

Nowadays public funds are partially available and there are a loto of new emergences and new needs. That means that public bodies are not able to guarantee sufficient services for citizens who are in difficulty or in a state of discomfort.

For these reasons, Cosy For You – Tour Per Tutti wants to worke on the territory in favor of spreading the culture of inclusion and equality through moments of meeting and confrontation and concrete actions, which all of you can support.