The Quality Cosy for All

As part of its tourism business, Cosy For You – Tour Per Tutti deals with choosing the hotel accomodations and restaurant most suited to the physical and economic needs (pre-purchase tickets / hotel / restaurant) of the tourist and his accompanying group.
We also book entrance tickets and exemption of entrance ticket.

Our Itineraries

The touristic service Cosy For You – Tour Per Tutti offers itineraries and tourist services in response to the needs of all types of tourists, even those who, due to their physical, sensory or mental condition, are unable to use the public transport service or traditional tourist services. Cosy For You – Tour Per Tutti selects the most comfortable, welcoming and accessible routes, facilities and services currently available in the proposed destinations, for itineraries that are always easy to travel in a reasonable time, without effort or surprises and in a pleasant way.
We organize itineraries starting from half a day up to 15 days, divided into stages of 3 or 4 hours.

Standard Itineraries

Suitable for mixed groups and tourists with different types of disabilities.

Adapted Itineraries (for type)

Addressed to homogeneous groups with tourists with the same disability or users with other special needs (ex: elderly or families).

Thematic Itineraries

The packages are organized according to original and alternative themes.

Customise Holidays – Your Holiday-Your Choice

Tourists can choose to combine different steps in “custom-made” itineraries or packages.

Standard Services and Additional Services for Tourists

Standard Services


Transfers: private cars, bus/minivan.
Ticket office: airline, trains, maritime, tickets.
Accomodation: Hotels (at various prices), B&Bs, Agritourisms/Farmhouses, Holiday Villages, Apartments, Villas.
Restaurants, Street food, Pizzerias.

Our transfers

Human Resources

Foreign language guide: English, French, Russian, Arabic.
Accompanying staff/Personal assistant.
Volunteer assistant.
Sign language interpreter.
Specialized nurse.
Personal shopper.
Personal trainer.
Personal beautician.


Entertainments and Fun Activities

Boat excursions and other acquatic sporting activities.
Wellness activities.
Musical and theatrical performances.
Artisinal workshops and food/wine gastronomy.