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Cosy For You offers people with special needs (disabled and elderly) residing in Campania or in other regions of Italy the service to identify experienced partners who organize accessible trips and tours with a good level of quality and reliability in Italy and abroad.

Thanks to our wide network of contacts all over the world we are able to advise for the best all our friends and acquaintances, disabled or not, on how to travel safely and easily.

In our network there are tourist destinations of all kinds and we can satisfy every desire, taking care to prepare a personalized and cared stay in every detail, in collaboration with tourist organizations in the different territories, which we choose as the most reliable and expert in our field.

So we offer free assistance, even home assistance in organizing trips through the Italian territory and abroad in the most fascinating destinations, the best solutions (structures, transport, guided tours, etc) for the creation of customized trips, comfortable and accessible in any season of the year.

Our operators – Accessible Tourism Agents – are qualified with many years experience in the field of reception and understanding of needs of people with different disabilities or even just elderly. With a pleasant chat, we are able to foresee every surprise and prevent any difficulty: the absence of problems represents the success of the trip and stay.

Call our numbers – Tel.: +39 081 5561501  Mobile: +39 335 6973981 – and our ATS will contact the aspiring traveler and will record every minimum need comfortably at home. We will study the most suitable travel arrangements for your psycho-physical state.

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