Become a Social Shareholder

Become a Social Shareholder


Give your support to Cosy For You‘s actions that you feel more!


Thanks to your donations we can carry out a lot of actions.
The actions will be carried out with single donations or with the achievement of the minimum amount necessary for each intervention, choosing to donate with individual operations or in more periodic operations from 10 to 20 euro per month until the desired objective is reached.

Here is the list of interventions Cosy For You:

Adopt a part of the city: let’s start from the sidewalks! We build or redo ramps along the sidewalks of the city in the most urgent points. A ramp has the value of about € 2000.

Little designers grow up: courses for primary schools of education to the culture of diversity, accessibility with the implementation of abatement projects. A 4-hour motivational meeting for a class is worth € 200. A course of 12 meetings for a class of 20 children is worth € 3000.

Accessibility starts from the school door: courses for professional institutes dealing with disability, monitoring and designing accessible spaces. A 4-hour motivational meeting for a school class is € 300. A course of 12 meetings for a class of 20 students is worth € 3000.

Cosy Naples: support monitoring to adapt public and private spaces in the city! Actions to monitor and advise public and private cultural sites to increase the possibility of visits by citizens and tourists. A monitoring and consultancy day is worth € 200.

Let’s move together: donate city transfers or accessible trips and journeys to people with disabilities. City transfers from € 25, daily trips from € 80, weekend tours from € 200.

In-Form-Action Tourism: finances training courses for the employment of young people in roles of tourist support and receptionist in tourism. A motivational meeting of 4h has a value of € 300. A course of 12 meetings for a class of 20 participants is worth € 4000.